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Aged Care & Special Needs

Our Memorable Moments are everlasting Wildlife Hands On Experiences. We boost the elderly with Childhood Memories. We specialize with Special needs people, Alzheimer, Unsighted and Disability care.

Ranger Lou lou is a treat for our Grandparents and Innocent of mind.

Exploding thoughts in those with distracted memories.  Often Enlightened with new interests our Wildlife touch's all. People talking and smiling, heads will turn, some as never before. Carers often amazed at their Clients Reactions. Lou's experience leaves language of little importance, making touch & attention the key. Return bookings common. Prices here start from $300.

A change of pace for your residents and patients, a Fabulous Wildlife Experience Specially for the Elderly and Disabled, with great responses from Residents and Attendee's, We love Reliving the Life Experiences and seeing your clients light up when they Touch a Crocodile or Touch a Squirrel Glider for the first time. We pride ourselves in making sure they all learn something. We offer great Photo Opportunities for all including the families and staff. Book again for Memorable times.


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