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Our Wildlife

Meet a few of our Australian Bush Buddies.


Calypto has made a big impact on wildlife education
Creating fun and excitement at your event. Adored by the Glossy Black Cockatoo Conservancy. Book him for your special day.


Ralph Ringtail | Australian Bush BuddiesWimpy

Wim is a new addition to our education animals, he is an adorable Common Ringtail Possum who loves meeting people. He is so cute and adorable.


Lives with Eric & Bill, has very soft fur & loves to come out and meet people. He has a soft spot for almonds & grapes.




Meet the apex predator in Australia, Crunch is a saltwater Crocodile and he’s not a baby. He loves to show off his skin, he’s a treat in any photo.



Lucinda was as skinny as a pencil when she was born, She makes people gasp with Aww. A gentle desert queen, she can hiss to tell you off. All muscle, very impressive.



Goombah is a statement he represents an image of a prehistoric and timeless evolution. He is a super star.



TaylahAustralian Bush Buddies

Meet Taylah one of our Tawny Frogmouths, most people think they are an Owl, they are a Member of the NightJar Family.


Buddy Wildlife Experiences | VIP Corporate

Meet one of our Bearded Dragons, He is an absolute Lounge Lizard. He can change his colors to camouflage or with temperature variations.


Wiley 20150615_131851

Wiley is a local spotted python, he is gentle and friendly and easy to handle.


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